09 April, 2007


My daughter has gone through her share of throw away cameras. She loves taking pictures. I have considered, for years, getting her a digital camera as she can then see her pictures and work with them on the computer. I didn’t want to spend the money for a good camera and yet a kid friendly camera. After my nephew received a camera for Christmas (he is a year younger than my daughter) I realized that the time had come. Not that I was attempting to keep up with the Jones, but she is now old enough to use one and take fairly good pictures. It also gives her a new perspective on the world in which she lives.

This weekend I pulled out an old digital camera and charged the battery. I do not know that my life will ever be the same as she is running around the house taking pictures of everything, including the computer screen. I have been without pictures of me for the past few years; I think that is going to change.

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