04 April, 2007

It ain't over until...

Okay lads, what exactly is the deal. This is something I have never, and I mean never, understood. You have just spent a great deal of energy and experienced a fabulous time with a woman that you truly enjoy and intend to see again (if not live with) and yet, when the "act" itself is complete, you are "out of there!"

Granted, there are some experiences in which I am grateful for this behavior. There are simply times when it is best not to prolong the experience or, well, it is a natural hasty retreat because everyone has something else to do.

And then there are those times when everyone has had a great time... and what do you guys do....fall asleep, jump out of bed in a need to "move on."

I don't think that it is a big secret that women like, after such intimate or fabulous physical moments, to be close, to feel close, to enjoy being together... that sort of thing. For us, it isn't over until we are ready for it to be over.

This is a conversation I have had various times with a guy. He knows that this is the way it is. We, strange I know, like the tryst at noon. This can be great fun, add a relaxing moment to the day, and hey, it spices things up in a big way. However, it is also prone to the rush to get dressed and back out the door to finish the work day. That is a given. For him, the moment it is over, it is "over" no matter how great it was. At times he has been known to get dressed an immediately pick up his v-mail. No conversation or anything, just return to the world of work.

Sometimes, for me, over doesn't happen until there is a sense of well being and satisfaction, intimate, slow transition back to reality. Despite numerous conversations, he doesn't get this.
A while back a Seinfeld episode dealt with "friends with benefits" and how that would work between Jerry and Elaine. One of the rules was that they would not expect a call the day after. It didn't work for them. Men and women are just different. I definitely believe that friends with benefits is possible; especially when everyone is honest and agrees to the ground rules. It can be great fun and rewarding for all. That said, where there is an emotional attachment, it is a completely different story.

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