10 April, 2007

Journey Through a Midlife Crisis

A few years ago I turned 35 and decided that I could start my mid-life crisis. After all, it isn't exactly fair that men can justify their irrational, child-like behavior, passion for buying new "toys", and attraction to younger women as a "midlife Crisis." Women should be able to do the same. Then I realized that, perhaps 35 was a bit young to begin a midlife crisis? Nah, I would just make the crisis last for about 20 years... which should cover midlife, whenever it might fall.

I was ready to go except... what could I do, as a single, professional, mother, to engage in this midlife crisis?

My first idea was to find a boy toy! Great idea, right. One of the things men most often do is find that younger woman so... I would do it too. That said, finding a boy toy is not exactly easy. Men live under the illusion that women can find "it" wherever and whenever they want "it." Even with my body, "it" is not exactly easy to find. I am, perhaps, too picky... require a brain along with a body... who knows. That said, I did find a few men to test drive... without much success. The boy toy idea just wasn't working.

I realized, through that experience, that I actually like to be mentally engaged with a man in order for things to perform optimally. Thus, the pursuit for a friend with benefits began. This is an ongoing effort though men, for whatever reason, are not as intrigued by the idea as I would have hoped. That or they are typical 30 something guys who place a very high priority on their career over anything and everything else. So... the friend with benefit journey is on the back burner. I am accepting applications!

In the meantime, I am drawn to the idea of spending time in a rural area, or at least an area with a slower pace and far removed from DC. A cabin in Maine, a week on the Gulf Coast - somewhere near water and where one can slow down and hear thoughts or, here's a notion, silence.

Of course, if I could find the friend with benefits to join me on my adventure to some rural or slower paced location... all the better!


Anonymous said...

A 20 year midlife crisis? How fun! Good luck with it, enjoy it!

Copper said...

Sorry I can't help you with the "friend" part but I can say that rural living is a good idea. It allows you plenty of time to focus on the simple things in life. This is where you will find the missing puzzle pieces that will fill the void in your life. The small things...


MrWriteNow said...

Please send me an application immediately. I am extremely interested in the position.

The Exception said...

Thanks for the comments... the crisis is fun though I am starting to wonder if I am still living as I was before it started?

Rural living... I just can't do it long term. I grew up in a rural town in AZ. It was beautiful; everyone knew one another... it was nice. It is not me though. But, for a vacation... for a romantic interlude... it is just what I need from time to time!

As for the application..... one is in the mail!
I am definitely open to suggestions as to what you, as a "friend" might be able to offer!