29 June, 2007

Little Less Talk and a Lot More Action

"I want to..."

There are only so many times a girl can hear this before she flips out. I just want to yell, scream, holler "Then do it!!"

There is nothing more frustrating, to me, about a man who is all talk and less action. Don't get me wrong, I can talk the talk just as well as I can walk the walk. It is just that there is a time and a place for each - and, to be honest, there are times when I just don't want to talk about it!!

I realize that some people like to talk about things. They need to verbalize, to sound things out. I am not one of those people. In fact, I am quite the opposite.

When it comes to most aspects of my life, I simply "do." I don't talk about it - I do think about it though. Since I don't talk about it, people often assume that I am spontaneous. And I am, especially when it comes to sex.

Which brings me to one of the other things that drives me crazy about some men... the "Agenda!"

Why is it that we have to have a plan? An outline of what is going to happen and when/where? This is not a business interaction or a corporate merger of some sort. Minutes will not be transcribed and distributed to the participants for their review.

Having an agenda just takes the fun out of it for me. I want to be free to create, to go with the flow, to tease or taunt or simply give into the moment. An agenda forces me to use my mind when my brain truly wants to shut down and let my body take the wheel.

In the busy world in which I live, I realize that finding time to engage is quite difficult which means that it is often easier to "talk" than it is to "act." I also understand that the culture here as trained men and women to work under tightly scheduled conditions - meetings require agendas in order to move efficiently. But guys, we need to learn to leave our offices and that culture behind us when we enter the (figurative) "bedroom."

Yes, you can talk during sex. In fact, most of the time, I enjoy conversations, laughter, pillow talk - I can even talk politics (not overly coherently) while engaged. The idea that talk is good, laughter is good, and action, without a plan, is key!

But who knows, maybe this is just me. Perhaps there are women out there who like agendas, outlines, plans. They like to be mentally engaged over allowing the body to take control. There are probably folks out there who would prefer to talk than to act and others who actually might not like laughing and playing and chatting during sex. And that is totally okay with me.

As long as it is understood that I am not one of those people.


Matt said...

Inspirational, my friend.

This afternoon, I'm going to force myself to do something spontaneous.

The Exception said...

Matt - Dare I ask?

Steph said...

oh my fucking GOD! I could have written this post, (except for the lack of spelling and grammatical errors)
You've just put into words exactly the way I am.

Scary much!!

Seven Seas said...

True words are not pretty, pretty words are not true -Tao Te Ching

Talk is cheap. -Old southern proverb

2xA+r0n said...

I had no idea so many people enjoyed talking about politics during sex. Who knew?

The Exception said...

Steph - YAY - I figured I was the only one!

7 Seas - spot on. Words of wisdom echoing through the generations.

2xA - I can also do sports but find that it tends to distract men too much. Given that they are already taking time out of their busy work schedule for these fifteen minutes, I try to stay off distracting topics!