13 July, 2007

100 Things for Post 99? Why Not!

Okay, I know that Blogger says that this is post 99. I know I am jumping the gun by one post. But it is one post. It is a Friday. And, to be frank, it is going to take you all weekend to read this (if you choose to read it) so I figured that it is best to post this on Friday rather than Monday!

I saw this as a challenge - and it was even more of a challenge by the time I hit number 50 - but I kept going. I scratched my head, watched some "Be the Creature" and finally, with much sweat and a few tears, reached number 100.

Thus, without further ado, I give you 100 things about me a day early.

  • I love comments - so comment away! (Okay, that one didn't count)
  • My favorite kind of food is Italian
  • There are very few places I have visited to which I would not return
  • One of the apartments in which I lived had a faulty smoke detector. Management told me just to disconnect it. I spent the rest of my days in that apartment having nightmares about a house fire.
  • I enjoy spending time outside with my plants, but do not do it as much as I would like.
  • One day I would like to design my own house
  • I would love a spacious kitchen
  • I would love to have a piece of land with room for flowers
  • There is always pasta in my kitchen
  • Yogurt in the refrigerator
  • I could live in my office if totally necessary (as could the Diva) - and am thrilled that I will never have to do so
  • My office is an explosion of colors - prints, paintings, art done by the Diva, photographs, and books.
  • I love to laugh
  • I have never been to the symphony but truly want to go one day
  • I am allergic to cigarette smoke. My nose itch, eyes water, and I will lose my voice if exposed for a prolonged amount of time.
  • We all have our vices - as I have said, I love soft sheets. I also drink loose leaf tea that I order from New England.
  • I have 4 digital cameras - and I don't know why exactly.
  • I carry a camera with me at all times
  • My family jokes that the Diva is the most photographed child in the world, but I also take pictures of flowers, trees, animals, you name it.
  • It is fun to have a camera to capture the little things you happen upon - the deer in the grassy area, the strange bird in the creek, that weird tree (maybe someone will know what it is) or the Diva playing in the leaves on the perfect fall day.
  • I love that "spark" that happens with a great kiss
  • I bought the Diva her first pair of sunglasses when she was nearly 3 years old. They are now her personal fashion statement - she has about ten pair that she matches with her outfit. Some girls do shoes; she does shades. I now wear them too - and don't know what I did all those years without them.
  • I love thunderstorms.
  • I do not like humidity - which is my least favorite part of living on the east coast.
  • One of my most memorable experiences in Sydney was visiting a beach and seeing an old man nude. Sydney is a great city, but that is not a nice memory.
  • I dabble at digital scrap booking
  • In addition to spending a week at the beach one summer, I would like to rent a cabin in Maine, spend a month in Northern Italy, try the weird potato, gravy, and cheese dish in Quebec, relax along the Gulf coast, spend more time in Natchez, visit New Orleans again...and so many other things I can't finish this list!
  • I spent three summers working at summer camps. That said, I am not sure I would send the Diva to camp!
  • I like to sing, which doesn't mean I am that good at it - it just depends on the song and the day of the week. Apparently, the Diva can sing. That artistic gene must have skipped a few generations to take root in her.
  • Although I don't mind dancing for short periods of time (fast dancing that is) I love slow dancing or dancing with a partner - especially a man who knows what he is doing.
  • I like to bake - cooking is okay, but I like to bake. The Diva and I will "create" in the kitchen and then I have to take our productions to work as we usually will not eat them after they are complete.
  • I grew up in the west and do not like Mexican food outside of mild guacamole and cheese crisps.
  • I could eat strawberries every day of the week!
  • One of my favorite things about Australia (which I loved, don't you know) (besides those sexy men) (and great women) was the amazing tropical fruit most of which I had never tasted. Just one more reason I could live there.
  • I enjoy waterskiing.
  • I traveled to Berlin for the first time two years after the wall came down. We arrived via train, checked into our hotel room, and took a nap that lasted most of the day. By the time we went outside for dinner, everything was closed - we were staying on the east side of town.
  • I spent a new years in County Claire, Ireland, with an Irish family. I learned to Irish step dance and waltz. It was brilliant.
  • While traveling to Dublin via London I experienced an IRA bomb scare at the train station. How things have changed. (The IRA always gave warning)
  • I talk to animals.
  • I traveled to New Zealand to visit my uncle and cousins. We were there two weeks - we spent most of our time with my older cousin - touring the malls. I have yet to figure out why I traveled so far to tour malls.
  • While visiting a friend in France I was served fairly rare steak. I knew I had to eat the meat so, I dug in. Each bite was followed by a drink of amazing red wine. Her dad loved me - thinking me quite the wine consumer.
  • I grew up in a make-shift art gallery. My aunt's paintings are everywhere in both my parents and my grandparents homes. She is finding it difficult to paint these days so has branched into photography. My home is becoming a virtual gallery as well. (She splits her time between WA and Broom)
  • I have visited a concentration camp in France. The experience was unlike any other.
  • My favorite Dickens book is Tale of Two Cities.
  • I do not like the American classics
  • I have visited Boston a few times and love it, but have yet to figure out when is the best time of year to go or where to get the best Italian food.
  • After reading one of my blog posts, "that" guy informed me that he wanted to "get physical" from the get go. Who knew!
  • I read the 4 books in the Traveling Pants series and truly enjoyed them. Such friendships are priceless.
  • I have no gray hair.
  • I have two holes in each ear and rarely change the top earrings
  • San Francisco, CA and Florence, Italy are my two favorite cities in the world. (so far)
  • While I was in Ireland I discovered that there is nothing that takes the chill off a winter day like a Bailey's coffee
  • I drink my ice tea unsweetened
  • I grew up around horses and never had an interest in riding.
  • I do not like drinking milk
  • I enjoy British comedy
  • Produce from farmers markets can not be beat
  • Now that I have had fresh peaches, just off the trees, I can not eat them out of the store.
  • I love nature - whether it be the mountains, deserts, coast lines, rain forests.
  • I enjoy traveling by train - I wish it didn't take so long to get from point A to point B so I could do it more often
  • When I am attracted to a man I will find myself drawn to his hands. There is something about a guy with nice hands - and who knows how to use them
  • I enjoy banter, laughing, and playing
  • I love the smell of rain
  • I like Nokia mobile phones
  • Although I like sleeping under the stars and "camping", I prefer having a bathroom with shower close at hand - I am good for one night in the woods.
  • I think that traveling together is a good test of a relationship.
  • I could eat avocados everyday too (just like strawberries above)
  • I like men with a firm handshake - and this seems to be quite rare these days.
  • I like high heels, but rarely wear them
  • One of my favorite movies is Dangerous Beauty.
  • I think allot but pay attention to my instincts and intuition
  • I take the Diva to the voting booth with me - she pushes the last button
  • Buying my home was one of the most difficult things I have ever done, because it meant putting down roots. My days of moving every 9 months were over.
  • Once a year I look at my house and attempt to figure out how I could change it. I rarely do. Changes either cost a lot of money or require more room - neither of which I have.
  • I believe in slow seduction but think that there is nothing wrong with getting down and dirty from time to time
  • I read the British versions of Harry Potter
  • I would like to spend time in each of the states
  • Sometimes I think way too much
  • I am a reformed perfectionist
  • I do my best thinking near or in water - shower, bath, pool, ocean, pond
  • I love Canadian weather patterns during the summer and dislike them during the winter
  • I dislike politics - at all levels
  • I read books before I form an opinion regarding their content
  • I am not a morning person
  • I rarely sleep through the night
  • Other than tea and my hair, I have a hard time pampering myself.
  • I love bookstores. Books are one of the most justifiable expenses - the Diva has an ever growing library
  • My favorite part of Disney World is Epcot Center. I am a fan of Figment and the Imagination Institute
  • I encourage the use of ones imagination (in a healthy way) and creativity as much as possible.
  • I am always surprised to discover the ways people perceive me
  • I collected seeds in a cigar box when I was young.I have no idea why. The Diva collects feathers.
  • I am currently on my third passport
  • I have a bit of a green thumb, though in Virginia this is not too difficult. I have two plants that I really don't want. I always forget to water them. They are living things and I can't bring myself to truly kill them or throw them out. I have now had them for 7 years.
    I have had spaghetti ice cream. mmmmm
  • My favorite ice cream is anything with coffee or peanut butter
  • I love using fountain and gel pens
  • I never resist an opportunity to travel. (Diva has a passport too)
  • I have lived in 4 states
  • I have lived in 3 countries
  • I have traveled to 3 continents
  • I am a voracious reader, sometimes reading three books at one time.
  • I am a vegetarian
  • I try to live my life rather than being a by stander.

    Congratulations!!! You made it to the end.

    Now treat yourself to a glass of wine (or one of
    THESE drinks - yum), chocolate, or favorite treat. You deserve it.


Mike said...

Wow that must of took some work. I know I do the Thirteen Thursday and that can be a little though provoking.

You talk to animals? Doesn't everyone?

Congrats on the milestone.

cathouse teri said...

Whoa! That is a LOT of stuff! :)

Nope, never received comment, but good to know you got it. I hate it when I find out my messages are wandering around in cyberspace.........

brookem said...

i LOVE your 100 list! happy almost 100 post btw! okay, im going to comment on a few first, and then come back!
your office?! sounds amazing!, im totally with you on the east coast humidity, im jealous of what you mentioned about australia!, i LOVED a tale of two cities, and if you have any questions on BOSTON(ish), when to go, where to eat, etc, im your girl!
k, ill be back!

Matt said...

There are very few places I have visited to which I would not return

--You haven't lived!

Matt said...

have you ever been to ohio?

2xA+r0n said...

When Sarah and I were in Epcot a month ago, she wanted to introduce me to Figment. It was closed. She cried. :(

The Exception said...

Mike - It was much more difficult than I would have thought.

Teri - Hope you received my response.

Brookem - I will take you up on that. Definitely want to spend more time in Boston.

Matt - I have been many places, but each has its own personality.

Matt - Yes, I have been through Ohio and would like to go back.

2xA - Figment is the best - one of my heroes!

Leiselb said...

Holy crap! Wow...yes...I will have to return to finish the list...great stuff though!

Beth said...

What exactly is spaghetti ice cream? It sounds, um, interesting.

I love New Orleans-the music, the culture, the food, the beignets at Cafe du Monde.

Wow-it's great that you have traveled so much. One day, I hope to do that, too. I got a passport eight years ago and have never used it!

The Exception said...

Leisel - It will be here all weekend - enjoy!

Beth - It is ice cream that looks like spaghetti. They put a strawberry or berry sauce on it and then coconut. It is a treat. I had it in Germany. I love traveling and can't wait to take the Diva out and about.

justacoolcat said...

A digital scrapbooker huh? You and The Wifey should start a club.

brandy said...

Well done I loved this! The only thing I dislike about these 100 lists is trying to narrow down what to comment on. I'm the same about liking the smell of rain, and loving high heels. I love that you take Diva with you to the voting booth and think you and I could have a few great conversations about books. Learned so much! Thanks for sharing.

TAG said...

Interesting list. Thanks for sharing.


Bre said...

I could happily live out the end of my days in a bookstore!

Steph said...

There are other versions of Harry Potter besides the UK one?
Never knew that.

What a long list. I need to go lay down now.

Have the T-Shirt said...

I love to travel too, I still need to see Italy, Greece and Australia, then I'll die happy. I adore San Francisco.

My LEAST favorite Dickens was Great Expectations. And I'm sorry but Jane Austen's writing drives me nuts. I don't wanna work that hard trying to follow what should be a simple sentence.

I hate milk too, so I have to eat lots of yogurt to make up for it.

I have one hole in each ear and never wear earrings for some reason.

I love that the Diva is into sunglasses!

Loved your list :)

The Exception said...

JACC - I "play" with it. My SIL is really into it. It is fun, I wish I could do what she does, but I just don't have the time.

Brandy - Books!! I love books!

TAG - It was challenging.

Bre - Sometimes bookstores are so very relaxing and yet... not.

Steph - I took a nap after writing it. And yes, there is an American version that just, well, isn't the same. I prefer to read books in the language in which they are written. ;)

T- Shirt - She lives for sun glasses! Italy and Australia are a must. The only aspect of Australia I don't like is that it is kind of isolated down there - which might be a good thing as well. Italy is fabulous. And who needs milk when you can have ice cream!

Scorpy said...

Brilliant! I live in the Australian Tropics and my girls and I make a fruit salad every weekend. I read every day and have three digital cameras and I think MY daughters are the most photographed :) I bought them sunglasses as soon as they would fit on their faces LOL. I despise weak handshakes...especially the ones like a wet fish :) great list!

JustRun said...

Nice job! I'm with you on the book thing and the water thing, among several others! :)

Anonymous said...

I made it to the end! then I forget what I wanted to comment on. Do you like Mr. Bean? people make fun of us for owning that

surfercam said...

Nice work!

Scotty said...

Your '1oo things' post reminded me that I need to finish mine.. I think its stuck somewhere in the middle..

- I love comments also
- Soft sheets..
- Not a fan of the humidity either
- I would have to agree with the old man memory.
- I want to see a video of you doing this Irish Step dance
- I love me some avocados also

The Exception said...

Scorpy - If I lived there I would be eating fruit salad all the time. I wish we had such variety and freshness here. Looking at your book shelf, we read many of the same authors. Sun glasses are the best. The Diva can not leave the house without them! And weak handshakes are the worst. I have had to adjust to soft hands due to the number of men who work with computers and do not develop the rough hands I love, but I can not get past the wet fish handshake.

Just Run - The water thing is huge. Your pictures always help make the day go a bit faster.

Ba Doozie - It was quite the list. I am actually surprised that people undertook the challenge of reading it!

Ok, I am stumped, who is Mr. Bean?

Surfercam - Thanks - can't wait until you write one!

Scotty - Yes, please find it and do it. I am sure that it will be greatly appreciated.

Avocados are the best. One thing I miss about living out west is that they use avocados so much more than they do here.

Video of the Step Dancing... okay, we are talking the real thing, out in the middle of a western county at a "hooly." We are not talking River Dance! It is a lot of fun but nothing I do regularly.

Scotty said...

Its started, on my sidebar.. just need more to reach 100 :)

Hooly or no hooly, lets see a video!