16 July, 2007

Too Easy

"They totally check you out!" He says with such confidence.

I laugh with equal confidence. "Yeah, right."

We are sitting at the bar eating lunch. My dress is low cut but not "too" low cut as it is a week day . Two guys are working behind the bar. Neither of them had, to either of our knowledge, checked me out at this point.

"He totally looked!"

I roll my eyes. "No, he didn't."

My friend explained the concept of men and cleavage. Apparently, cleavage is like the sun, one can't look at it directly but has to view it indirectly in order to get the "sense" of the image.

Interesting. The things I learn from men sometimes amuse and mystify me.

My friend is having fun watching these guys, noting whether or not they will attempt to look. I decide to ensure that they will look by adjusting my posture slightly and leaning in toward the bar. I rarely to never do this - make the decision to use my body in such a way.

"Ding, ding ding."

Sometimes it is just too easy.


Scotty said...

I am sure most men would look directly at the sun if they wouldn't get slapped for it :)

Is that a pic of you?

Bre said...

Sometimes it's fun just to make them do a double take... and I must admit I've used it to my advantage as a broke college student at the bar. It's amazing how many drinks a little shift in the shoulders produces!

2xA+r0n said...

Now, I don't know about that anology. More like a train wreck about to happen for me. I can't tear my eyes away from good cleavage!

The Exception said...

Scotty - Slapped? Seriously? I don't notice unless you guys make it "totally" obvious - talking to my chest etc.

Bre - It is just too easy sometimes! ;)

2XA - I figured you to be a man who doesn't hide his appreciation!

Mike said...

We love to look just hate being caught. ;)

Travis Erwin said...

We always look.

First to see if it is there.
Second to see how noce it it is.

Then it gets tricky because we want to keep looking but without getting caught.

Leiselb said...

too funny...

The Exception said...

Mike - A guy told me yesterday that he doesn't bother hiding his "looking" anymore. If women wear things cut down to "there" then everyone knows what is going to happen.

Travis - Thanks for the input and the visit. I think, those of us who have them, have a difficult time hiding them so your job is made that much easier.

LeiselB - It was funny and actually a fun little experiment.

justacoolcat said...

Boobies, I'm a fan.

I wonder why it's only taboo for guys to look? Most of the women I know openly check out cleavage and will admit as much.

Also, your friend who says "If women wear things cut down to "there" then everyone knows what is going to happen" sounds wise and pragmatic.

Anonymous said...

are those yours? they're very nice and i would like to play with them please. oh, virginia is too far.