10 October, 2007

Some Enchanted Evening

Usually reserved at social functions, he took a chance and made his move when he spotted the most beautiful and lively woman in the room.  They have been married 15 years. 
Such stories boggle my mind.  They seem to be something out of a fairy tale; straight out of a Disney studio.  Can it truly happen just, like, that?
"How did you meet" stories are some of my favorites.  Meetings are never truly magic, yet, in a strange way, they are.  Right time, right place, looked in the right direction at the right time... sometimes the meeting is purely happenstance in that one person did something that they normally would not have done. 
But there is more to it than just timing.  There is something to be said for chemistry and a biological pull - that attraction that is without reason or explanation; it lacks definition. 
Chemistry goes beyond physical attraction or sexual desire.  It occurs in various types of relationships.  It can be consistent or short lived, but there is something physiological about the relationship even if there is little physical contact (platonic).  My former manager believed that women know, within minutes of meeting, whether they will like one another or not.  It is nothing to do with the known, but seemingly about something more instinctual or primal.  
Perhaps, it is that chemistry or physiological attraction that disguises itself as magic when a couple meets?  
But how does the internet fit in?  I recently heard that 10% of marriages in the US are the result of people meeting over the internet.  10%!  Is it possible for chemistry to work via Wireless, cable, or DSL connections?
I do know a few couples who have met and married as a result of online dating services.  I know lots of people who try it without success.  I wonder what those successful couples will tell their children, if they have them, about how they met?
"I was in a chat room and this very attractive screen name popped into the room.  I read her profile and..."
How life has changed.  Regardless of the situation, the happenstance, the chat room... I love hearing the "how we met" stories.  They don't always end in marriage or happily ever after, but they are stories worth hearing, worth sharing, and have effected the lives of those involved.  
I would love to hear your "how we met" story... have one to share? 


Michael C said...

One of my closest friends met her husband on the internet. 5 years later they are still happily married with 2 little ones.

The instant/love at first sight/I knew immediately this would be my spouse stories are the ones that really captivate me.

JustRun said...

I believe that too, that there always has to be some kind of chemistry. I also believe women know who they will and will not like within minutes... it's just many (MANY) women overlook those instincts when it comes to men, because they want more to have one than to be concerned with having the right one.
Not you and I, though, we would NEVER think of that. ;)

AaroN said...
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Scotty said...

10%? That does sound like a lot.. but I could probably believe it.

As for the internet thing, I think there could be an attraction through the computer/phone, but to figure out if the chemistry is there you really have to meet (which kind of ties in to 'minutes of meeting' idea).

As for me, I don't have a "how we met" story as of late :)

DeadMansHonda said...

You SO can have chemistry through the flirtatious and witty written word....but it's a very strange chemistry, I think.

My most romantic tryst was with a man I met on the other side of the world....our first date involved tribal drums...a slaughtered animal...foreign tongues chattering all around us. Very fun.....and not likely to ever happen again....

Airam said...

The same type of thing happened with my brother and his wife of 7 years. They met at a high school dance when he asked her to dance literally just as she was leaving (she had her coat on and everything). During the dance he asked for her number and she said no. He told her "it's ok I understand." She changed her mind because she thought he was sincere so she gave him her number and they've been married for 7 years, dated for 10 years before that and have a beautiful 1 year old.

I have no story of my own.

Ryan said...

I met my wife at a crowded dance hall. She tried to take advantage of me but I fought off her advances until I was too weak to fight.

That's how I remember it to the best of my recollection.

The Exception said...

MC - I love those stories as well. They make me believe in magic I guess.

JR - I am definitely not guilty of such behavior - never happens! ;)

Aaron - She sounds incredibly. That is a great story.

Scotty - You have the stories, just no the lasting relationships. It doesn't have to be a lasting relationship to have a great meeting story! Spill it! ;)

DMH - Now that is an amazing first date!!

Airam - My parents met the same way - at a dance. Was your brother sincere? I love such romantic tales.

Ryan - And why wouldn't she try to take advantage of you?! ;)

justacoolcat said...

I dun stealed The Wifey off the Internets.