08 November, 2007


I must apologize for my lack of attention throughout the past few weeks.  It is not that I have not had anything to say or to write, as I have... it is simply that my attention has been divided.  
I have discovered that there are few things that can make me feel less confident and knowledgeable then a computer that refuses to work.  I have also learned that there is nothing more frustrating than a computer that refuses to work and tech support that defines the word "support" extremely loosely!
When my computer first broke, over a week ago, I had great plans.  I was going to sit down the following weekend and catch up with all my favorite blogs - those that I can't access from work (Carrie, Bre, Brandy, etc...) and those that I haven't been able to comment on from work or home (All the rest of you excluding Kat and Just Run).  I had great plans and was so excited.  
But things don't always work as planned.  
Having spent an hour on the phone with Tech Support and talking to five operators, they finally figured out that I was talking about the software that would  upload the drivers etc on my computer.  (Hum, I thought I explained that to each of them quite clearly).  
Software arrived, drivers added, and then we found that the audio drivers were not on the disk.  
No sound!!  
I then spent 2 hours with the Tech guy yesterday afternoon trying to convince him that the drivers for the audio card were not on the disk.  Finally, he guided me through an upload that would work... and it did NOT!
I am now incredibly frustrated with this process.  The Geek says that computer  company X needs to send me the right driver.  Company X says that the driver is now on my system and that the computer should have sound.  
I am to the point that a new sound card with CD sound appealing - which I have to order from computer company X as that is just the way it works.  
The entire thing gives me a headache.  I like to think that with time and energy, I can figure things out.  I have come to realize that this is not always the case.  Computers, a necessity in my life, are more advanced than ever - requiring greater expertise than I want to possess.  I like to think that, given the situation, I can throw money at the problem; just hire someone to fix it.  That clearly is not the case.  
My computer and I are caught between worlds - the world of the large computer corporation who does not have an open fix-it/off the shelf policy (and had awful tech support) and the technician who can not fix my computer due to copywriter laws and legal issues.  
*Sigh* Had I just opted for the new computer....
I miss reading what everyone writes... and I miss adding my two cents etc  ;)  I will be back so don't give up on me! 


Scotty said...

Exception and her computer... the ultimate love/hate relationship :)

AaroN said...

Thats okay. I haven't written anything noteworthy recently, either.

JustRun said...

Ugh, they are the epitome of Necessary Evil.
I don't know if it's reassuring or not but after my victorious Screen Replacement of '07, I think I now have another hardware problem. This one I cannot fix on my own.

Bre said...

Well that's my own fault for being so risque! :-p

Scorpy said...

Can't you just ask the hardware (sound card) to search for new drivers via the control panel? It (sound card)should be plug-and-play technology and as long as your internet is working should merrily head off into cyberspace and locate what it requires :) At least I think it should :)

The Exception said...

Scotty - You summed it up nicely - we can't live together but we can't live without one another... it is very sad and probably requires intense remediation!

Aaron - Why aren't you writing much?? (At least I have an excuse! ;) )

JR - I was so impressed with your computer screen replacement! I wish it was all so easy - ah... I remember when it was just a typewriter and sticky keys are a ribbon that slipped (okay, that was before my time but... life was easier then)

I highly recommend the Geek Squad if you need a technician.

Bre - I know, your posts are just out of control. I need to get up and running again so that I can find out what happened with that cute guy and his letter!

Scorpy - Okay, I understood that, but am not sure that I can do that as the computer guys are in conflict about what is there and what isn't. The Geek thought it would be as easy as you suggest. Dell (and I will never buy another Dell) said that I have what I need on the computer.

I am going to change soundcards - it is throwing money at the issue, but I don't have time or patience to do this any longer.

Carrie said...

No worries! I understand with all the computer troubles... that is, until I bit the bullet and bought a MAC.

I'll be here when you're up and running again!

KennethSF said...

Computers are so pesky. They seem to have a mind of their own. And, unlike humans, they're beyond appeal or negotiation. The string of code that gives them life don't care about our frustration. Sometimes I wish a computer can feel--it might make our relationship with technology a lot less dysfunctional.

The Exception said...

Carrie - If this doesn't work (Geek coming on Wednesday) I am considering adding a MAC to my family!

Kenneth - Ah, if computers could empathize...that could be a blessing and a curse!