05 December, 2007

Alas... Snow


I received a text message at 6:15 this morning. I checked the message and peered out the window. I could see pavement. Good. I burrowed back under the covers.

The Diva decided it was time to wake up. She jumped out of bed to go to the bathroom via the windows to see... "Snow!"
I flipped on the radio to see if schools were closed - hoping, at some level, that they were because a snow day for the schools would mean a snow day for ballet, which means that I have only 5 days of Nutcracker this week instead of six!

No such luck...

Doug informed me that the area is under a snow advisory from 8 this morning to 8 this evening with a total accumulation of... 2 inches - "mostly on the grassy areas."

Lisa reminded people that the roads were a bit deceptive this morning. They appear to be snow covered but "The snow is freezing to the surface." Apparently people weren't taking her too seriously as the number of accidents was increasing every ten minutes. A typical first snow in the DC metro area. Each year people have to "learn" how to drive in the snow. It seems that they forget the ins and outs throughout the non-snowy year. Thus, each first, and second, and possibly third snow experience is something unique.

The Diva is thrilled... as she describes it, there are feet of snow waiting for her just beyond the front door. From our 4th floor vantage point, the snow appeared deep. Well, not exactly "deep" but by the time I finished my shower, the ground was covered.

Facing the reality that I would be forced to venture outside and would probably have to journey to Nutcracker rehearsal this evening, the Diva and I prepared. Snow boots, winter coats, mittens, gloves, and a snow suit later, we were ready for the worst DC blizzard (or an average storm in Minnesota or Canada).

I braced myself as we descended the interior stairs. The Diva opened the door...


Kat Wilder said...

I remember the unbelievable joy in making the first footprints in freshly fallen snow, the smell of it, the way it sparkled (and snow days!). A true winter wonderland.

It doesn't snow where I live, but it does about 4 hours from here, so it's not like I never see it anymore. Last year, though, it got cold enough to dust the top of Mount Tam ... and hundreds of people drove up to the top to play in it. Snow without a doubt brings out the kid in us!

Scotty said...

I like the pic :)

Wombat said...

EO, please FedEx me some.

Winter and snow, please.

Thnx from FL.

JustRun said...

I still like the first snow. And snow in general, really. It's the cold that comes with it that makes me want to cry.

Rhea said...

Here in Boston the temps are frigid and there is snow on the ground. It's too early for this!!

Carrie said...

A hahaha. SO true. Did I mention that I used to live in Bethesda? It was always so funny to hear the world 'blizzard' and see exactly what you saw outside.

Here in Ottawa we got just over a foot of snow. We called it a storm. Office workers and college students got an extra hour of grace to get wherever we needed to go. But life goes on.

Princess Extraordinaire said...

Beautiful picture - I wish it would snow here -highly unlikely as i am in Orange County, CA..lol

Bre said...

I really really really love the first good snow!

DeadMansHonda said...

You make me want to move to colder weather...but your imagery is so warm and inviting it doesn't seem cold at all. that sounds seriously corny, but i mean it sincerely.

The Exception said...

Kat - I still love making those first prints in the snow - and the light and silence that comes at night with a snow fall is... pure magic to me.

I spent time in the desert - the few times they receive snow, the entire city closes so that people can go build snow men and have snowball fights before it disappears!

Scotty - Thanks...more to follow

Wombat - the hairy one - nice to see you popped back by! I would love to send you a bit of freezing cold and snow, but... I have to admit that I kind of like this storm. I promise that, come January, I will happily send you all the snow you can stand... and more!

JR - The cold is what I dislike as well - that and the brown snow that appears as a result of dirt, sand, salt, and other chemicals!

Rhea - Glad you stopped by! Yes, it is too early for these temperatures. It is colder here than it usually is in January, forget December!

Carrie - I grew up in the mountains and then lived in Nebraska (where it is so cold it hurts)... I always find it hard to believe that this area closes or has great difficulty with an inch of snow given that I grew up with feet and then lived with feet - of ice!

PE - Never say never!! At least you can go and visit the snow at Big Bear or Mammoth?

Bre - I love the first snow, enjoy the last, and dislike the icy snow in between!

DMH - Not corny at all, but quite the complement! You are welcome to visit any time.

AaroN said...

That pic appears vaguely familiar! :D