12 February, 2008

Men Say the Oddest Things...

I do not understand women.  This doesn't make a lot of sense given that I am, last time I checked, female... but women do things that I honestly can't understand.  Like why, pray tell, are we always competing against one another?  man or no man involved, some of us will stab one another in the back to get...what?
I don't understand women, but I don't understand men either. 
I like to think that if I take all the game playing and manipulation out of a conversation or statement - no ulterior motives beyond sex, then I kind of understand where a man is coming from and maybe even what he is thinking.  (beyond the sex part)
But there are loads of times when I admit, I understand nothing. 
(Perhaps ignorance in both cases is bliss?)
I have quite a few close male friends.  Each of them, at one point or another (and more often than not) has stated "You are hot, funny, intelligent... you deserve a great guy.  Why don't you have one?"
My response is, more often than not,  "why don't you tell me, you know, given that you are a man and all"!
But they don't have an answer any more than I do. 
I don't understand the purpose of the statement and the question.  I don't know why men tell me this when women never do.  
Perhaps they mean it as a complement.  They want me to know that they think I am amazing.  Or perhaps they seriously are confused.  How does a woman like me, with these great assets (remember, the sex thing has an impact on the logic part of the male brain) stay single for such a long time?  Why isn't someone taking advantage of what I have to offer!!
I look around me and see many great women - attractive, intelligent, generous, loving, funny, adventurous, professional women.  They are all single.  I would never ask them why they are still single because... well, my guess is that they don't know why they haven't met that guy with whom they just click any better than I know why I haven't!  
When I look at the men I know, those at work and that are friends, they are married.  I know only one single man, and I am honestly not sure why he isn't married though I know that he wants to be.  All the other nice, attractive, funny, intelligent men I know (beyond the blogosphere mind you) are married. 
Maybe that is the answer.
Perhaps it is, as the cliché says, "All the good ones are taken."


JustRun said...

The billion dollar question, right?
Though, at some points here recently, I'd rather have the billion dollars than the man. That way I could pay someone to answer that question for me. Ha ha.

You know what I don't understand about men? How they can fight or hate one another, even beat the crap out of one another, one minute and then go drink a beer together the next. What the?

Mike said...

Just ask another guy for an answer. He thinks your pretty terrific, but is trying to find out why you are single. Pretty much what's f*cked about you. Women will usually answer something bad and he will run. If they give a great list hey a question may be in your future.

It's not rocket science, but most guys are childishly simple.

Jeni said...

I loved Mike's parting line! So true!
I don't know why but over the years, in general, the only men who ever thought I was worthy of anything, were already married. I wasn't actively recruiting from that particular market but it seemed everytime I met a guy who showed any interest in me whatsoever, you could bet your bottom dollar, he was already married. Then I met my ex. Well, in retrospect, I'd have been better of shopping in the "married" aisle. No not really - I wouldn't have the three great kids I have. But anyway, sometimes I do think that old cliche says a whole lot more than many realize.

Thinking Fool said...

Maybe he's trying to figure out if there's any chance you like him, and this is his wuss way of doing it.

Why don't you ask the available, single guy out? If it clicks, I only request an invitation to your wedding!

Seven Seas said...

Sounds like you get the same thing from men as I get from women. I get the "Why can't I find a guy like you?". So believe me when I say I can feel where you're coming from.

Michael C said...

I have known women who fit your description and I have said the same thing to them. It is a compliment, but at the same time it puzzles me as to why they have been single. It literally makes no sense to the point that you want to grab everyone's attention just to make sure that they indeed do realize that the 'amazing' female is actually single.

The Exception said...

JR - That gets me about them too. They don't seem to realize that they were just in a fight which means that they are supposed to yell, scream, cry, not talk to one another for a while, have hurt feelings, attempt to analyze the situation to death, and then slowly work it out! :)

Mike - Hum... So I need to perfect my answer!

Jeni - Most of my guy friends are married... now at least.

Thinking Fool - They are friends usually, so they know I like them... but not in the sense that they mean. And the single guy is a nice guy... but the connection just isn't there. Ya know what I mean?

Seven Seas - Ah, you know exactly what I mean! Maybe we can get MC to do some marketing for us...advertising our assets.

MC - Interested in a position in marketing? I am sure that there is a need for someone to go around the country ensuring that single men realize that women, such as myself, are on the market! ;) (and wonderful guys like Seven Seas)

AaroN said...

If all the good ones are taken, where does that leave you? :O

The Exception said...

Aaron - I was just wondering the same thing!

BeautifulDisaster said...

My sister once said, "the good ones stay married." and that makes sense, doesn't it? The men our age are divorced for a reason or have never married for a reason. True, some are healthy individuals that ended up in a bad relationship, but I think those are diamonds in the rough and very hard to find.