07 May, 2008

Life is a Stage

I have heard people refer to life in such a manner, as if they are but mere actors playing a part in a production.  At times, the production is a comedy, but it could also be a tragedy or a romance.  I am not sure that I have ever felt this way.  If I did, I can imagine myself yelling "cut" over and over again when a particular movement, line, or opportunity was not played out as well as possible.  
Strangely, in the last few days, I have felt as if I am the audience to someone else's life and production.  It is as if I am watching as the story unfolds fully knowing how it will end and with complete comprehension as to the motives and plots that lie beneath the surface.  
From the audience, we are allowed to see the different characters in action; we see what the actors themselves can not.  It is both fascinating and frustrating to be an member of the audience watching this situation unfold.
We have all been in such a situation - a member of the audience.  Perhaps we have not been observing someone's life unfolding as it if is a stage production, but we have watched TV and movies enough to feel the frustration that comes when we know what is going to happen and the main character does not.  How many times have you found yourself shaking your head or talking to the character trying to warn them that something is going to happen? 
From my place in the audience, I can see how the spider manipulates the fly.  I watch her move this piece of web and pull that strand just so.  The spider has everything so well orchestrated that her manipulations are difficult to ascertain except from the audience. 
The fly is drawn closer and closer to the web.  He understands that something is not right; something seems off, but what choice does he have?  The spider has predicted his every move and eliminated each as a possibility.  The fly must move forward. 
And I sit in the audience talking to the fly.  I shake my head understanding his need to move forward and yet seeing how the spider has played her hand.  I point out means of escape; suggest options and different directions that the spider might not have considered, and attempt to highlight the spider's manipulation.  All to no avail. 
Like every Friday the 13th movie, each move that the spider and the fly make or transparent, at least to the audience.  It doesn't matter how frustrated I become or the warnings that I speak, the conclusion will be the same. 
Life, I suppose, can literally be a stage with an audience and actors and the crazy person heckling in row Q.  I am left wondering if my life ever appears to be such a production, with people taking sides?  I wonder if there is ever that audience member shaking his/her head in frustration and thinking "I told you so," once my action is complete?


JustRun said...

In my life, I'm thinking that "I told you so" audience member and I talk a lot more than we should.

Seven Seas said...

All the world's a stage,
And all the men and women merely players;
They have their exits and their entrances,
And one man in his time plays many parts,
His acts being seven ages.

As You Like It Act 2, scene 7, 139–143

Being in the audience can be quite maddening at times. On the other hand it can give perspective that the players miss, and allows you to rush the stage and change the story.

As for spiders and flies, every now and then the spider finds it has grabbed on to a wasp.

Carrie said...

all the world is a stage
and everyone has there part
but how was I to know which way the story goes
how was I to know you'd break...

oh Madonna.

anyway; thought provoking as usual... it takes an out-of-body experience to really see what's been going on, doesn't it?

Scotty said...

I am the audience to someone else's life and production
Maybe the Divas?

KMAB said...
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The Exception said...

JR - From this side of your computer screen/in the audiance, you are awesome!

7 - It can give a different perspective, that's for sure. It is interesting and frustrating and educational all at the same time.

Carrie - Sometimes it is only from the outside that we can see a clear picture... and sometimes it is only from within the situation!

Scotty - Ah... one would think but not the Diva. I am more in the wings when it comes to her, and taking tickets, and doing promotions and costuming, food, lodging... ;)