01 August, 2008

Chance Encounters

I am a sucker for the random meetings; the people that meet purely because they are in the right place at the right time.  I am not sure that this is because I love the romance that seems to permeate the stories, because they actually have a story that is less common than not, or if there is another reason entirely.
Most of the couples I know met in college.  They were in the Greek system or in the same group of people that hung out together.  They were on a team, in a group or organization, or they shared a dorm.  Dating was easier as their lives were, to some extent, intertwined. 
Then there are those who met by chance; that out of the blue meeting that was both unexpected and memorable.  My family is filled with such meetings.  My mom met my dad because she went to her roommates small town for the weekend.  My dad asked her to dance - the rest is history.  My grandfather accidently met my grandmother when his submarine was in Perth, Australia during WWII.  His friend needed a guy to accompany him on a double date - and again, the rest is history. 
I love these stories.
There is a part of me that sees the romance of the story.  I hear "Some Enchanted Evening" playing in the background and wonder if, throughout my life, there has been that meeting that I have, just, barely, missed.  He walked into a room when I walked out or I changed my plans last minute.  That sort of thing. 
Such stories ask my analytical mind to suspend reality just a bit.  They leave me wanting to believe in love at first site, in the power of attraction, and that, when one finds that person, the two will make it work.  It isn't necessarily the relationship or the love that is the challenge, but it is seeing one another and making the baggage, distances, states, countries disappear into something less important than being together. 
With all these "love stories" (including one of my own with the Diva's dad that I chose not to use), I suggest that people live their lives, enjoy the process, and remain open to the men and women that one may meet by chance along the way.  One never knows when the sparks will fly!  Some Enchanted Evening might find you moving to a different country or looking for an Island hut to share!


Scotty said...

One never knows when the sparks will fly!

I totally agree, only I find that as time goes on I am finding it more difficult to agree.

Single Mom Seeking said...

Wait: why aren't you going to share your story about how you met Diva's dad? Too painful? I'm on the edge of my seat here.

The Exception said...

Scotty - You have to keep believing!!

Single Mom Seeking - Although it was by chance, lasted several years over long distance, and the sparks flew... it didn't have the charm that my grandparents and parents stories shared.

But any connections supports my belief in magic and that, where that magic lies, there is a way to make it work.

Jeni said...

I rarely get out any place any more where I might possibly meet someone new and exciting and one who might even, my some strange chance, be interested in me. I think, the way my life is these days, if that's ever going to happen, he'll have to come by the house as some kind of traveling salesman or some such thing!

The Exception said...

Jeni - You just never know!! ;)

T said...

I agree, you NEVER know!

I had declared that I was done with dating and was just going to stay single, raise my daughters on my own and avoid dating altogether.

A month later, I was attending my high school reunion and my soldier, though he wasn't there, was mentioned to me by several people.

Three weeks later, my curiosity peaked and I emailed him just to say hello.

He just happened to be stationed in Texas for the first time in his Army career.

He just happened to be still in the US and not deployed yet.

He just happened to be single.

And we just happened to fit together perfectly.


The Exception said...

T - Just goes to show - you never know what will happen! ;)