20 August, 2008

Just For Fun?

Sometimes there are lines in books that strike a chord, really hit home, or leave the reader thinking.  This happened to me last night.  I lay in bed reading a light hearted Who Done It by Robert B Parker.  The female lead observed something interesting - the sex was "fun."
For whatever reason, this stuck in my head.  Sex for nothing more than fun?
The thought has stayed with me.  There are loads of reasons we have sex.  It is possible that each person involved in the act is engaged in it for a different reason.  But how often do we engage just to have fun?
Fun... I don't mean that we have fun  anyway, despite the primary reason for engaging.  I mean that the reason for engaging is just... fun!
This intrigues me.  I can think of numerous reasons people have sex - desire; reconnect, make-up, escape, feel alive, express emotion, scratch an itch, to get one's partner to stop asking for it...
But how often is it just for fun?  The fun that doesn't involve any of the reasons stated above.  The fun that is about two people who have had a great time and continue to have that great time in the bedroom or living room or kitchen, or hotel room, or on the beach...  The fun that allows each to laugh, smile, and walk away caring not whether it ever happens again because it was, in its own right, a complete and enjoyable moment.  It meant nothing and yet, it meant everything; the moment stood on its own. 
How often does that happen?  How often do we have sex for fun?  Moreover, how often are we presented with such an opportunity?


Mike said...

Like everything else it's just a choice. So go out and have some fun.

cathouse teri said...

I never have sex for any other reason but fun. :)

T said...

Sex for fun sounds good to me!

Anonymous said...

Sex is fun but not sure that I can say I have had it FOR FUN if that makes sense!!!

mmmm this did make me think!

dadshouse said...

Sex for fun is great. That can happen easily with a booty call partner/ friend with benefits/ whatever you want to call it. Also in a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship.

Sex for emotional connection and spiritual upliftment is great, also. But I get what you mean in this post.

The Exception said...

Here's to great sex - whether it is for fun or connection or anything that leaves us feeling fabulous! (I didn't know what else to say to you all!)