19 August, 2008

Masculine Energy

I borrowed this title, and changed it  a little, from Dad's House.  Perhaps his post on feminine energy has been on my mind or planted an idea that has provoked me to pay more attention to the mend with whom I come into contact.  Or perhaps it is just that it is easier to steal his title and bend it a bit than to come up with my own!  Regardless of the title, the reality is that I am increasingly aware of men. 
I work with men.  I am around men every work day and then some.  SO the addition of a few more men in my life didn't register at first.  Though it should have.  I went from the fairly dull work related conversations with men to fiery and inspired, thought provoking conversations that left me with much to consider.   
First I found myself sitting with a professor talking about the Us government from an outsiders perspective; the potential holes that could be exploited; and why we engage in tactical rather than strategic thinking.  Interesting.  I was suddenly back in grad school listening to an amazing speaker and knowing that the thoughts posed would stay in my mind for weeks to come, if not for years. 
A week in early June was all about ballet (because when is my life ever not about ballet?)  I prepared myself for 5 days of two hour nightly rehearsals.  Book in hand, I welcomed the opportunity to read for two, uninterrupted hours in the quiet and empty ballet lobby.  But it wasn't empty.  A ballet dad shared my space.  Reading material in his hands, he and I sat for hours quietly reading.  Wednesday, he didn't plan correctly and  ran out of something to read and joked about it.  Thursday, he brought a stack of reading material and joked about it.  However, shortly after all the girls disappeared into the studio, he joined me outside where I sat munching on a croissant and enjoying the breeze.  He brought enough reading material for Thursday and he never touched it, just as I never touched my book. 
We talked.  Suddenly I was aware that men were entering my life.  Not men with romance in mind, but men with wonderful thoughts and engaging experiences.  Men with whom I shared hours of conversation about something other than my work or children. 
Don't get me wrong, I love my kid, but I love talking about life and politics and financial systems and comparative governments and travel and foreign countries and all that stuff too!  The conversations that I rarely find with other moms; the conversations that I often find with interesting men. 
By the time Friday rolled around, I was anticipating two hours spent with the ballet dad and our promised conversation about... linguistics!
And then it became a summer of interesting men, fascinating conversations, masculine energy, and a vitality I loved.  It became a summer more about mental connections than one of a physical focus.  I have never been one to "need" a man around, but recently, I have been reminded how much I love having them around; how much I want that male energy and vitality in my life. 
"You could have sex anytime," a man tells me "You are a woman!"
Although I don't buy this, he is missing the point.  It is not about the sexual energy or wanting the men around for the physical pleasure.  Granted, that is nice too, but it is more than that.  It is the male mind; the male perspective and way of thinking.  It is that men bring something to my life and enrich it in ways that women just don't. 


T said...

Amen sister!!

As I've noticed as well, when the opposite sex isn't in your house, I've noticed I'm much more appreciative of their perspectives and energy.

Its a beautiful thing, isn't it? Sure we don't always think the same but viva la difference!!

JustRun said...

I agree! It's not always about wanting a partner (though it's good when the package comes together), sometimes it's just about needing that different perspective and energy. There are parts of our brains turned on by that, and they're not replaceable.

cathouse teri said...

I think you will find that more men come around as your diva gets older and you start giving off the available vibe.


Anonymous said...

OOOHHH I totally get that! TOTALLY!!!!

dadshouse said...

Nice post. Of course I relate, since I rambled on about feminine energy earlier. But it's so great for me to hear your female perspective on the forms of male energy you enjoy. It's something different than just sex or companionship. The male mind and perspective for you... vibrant creative emotional female energy for me... We all need a mix that we can only get from the opposite sex.

Keep forgetting those reading materials!

M@ said...

Funny. I told my old college buddy recently that he was a "ballet dad" with his five year-old daughter and independent voting record. :)

The Exception said...

Regardless of the challenging experiences I have had - I do love men! Bring 'em on!

Thanks for all the comments