15 September, 2008

Gems from Living with the Diva

"So, are there any cute boys in your class?"
"What about in the third grade?"
"You don't know any cute boys?"  At this point I am grasping.  Seriously, no cute boys?  I can think of a few boys that are cute. 
I am going to get her now... "What about daddy?"  Despite being blond (ha, ha) her dad is quite attractive. 
"Papa?"  (My dad)
"I liked him better without the mustache."  (My dad has recently decided to grow a mustache.  I don't know why)
"Any cute girls?"    I am grasping at straws now)
"All girls are cute.  We look in the mirror first thing every morning and see cute.  Boys look in the mirror and see messed up hair."
Ahha, I get it now.  "Girls are cute but boys aren't?"
"Are there any handsome boys in your class?"    (Just like her parents, my daughter is a stickler for the right word)
In June we saw the musical Mamma Mia.  In august we saw the movie. 
And now, every day and night, I listen to the soundtrack as sung by the Diva.  I am also treated to performances with singing and dancing. 
I live and breathe and sleep and dream Mamma Mia.  I have used the songs in posts and jokingly told a friend that I could do a fun strip tease to one of them.  I even find myself singing the music from time to time.  The songs really stick in your head after hearing them hundreds upon hundreds of times. 
I am about to band Mamma Mia from my house - making it an ABBA free zone.  Rather, I bought tickets to see Legally Blond - the musical.
In January
Meaning, I have 4 more months of Mamma Mia in my future!
(I may need to reserve a room in a nice, quiet place with white, padded walls for the holidays!)


T said...

Yeah, my kids get stuck on things too, movies, music, etc and I find myself singing along or quoting from them (yikes) to people. Sad, isn't it? Just when we think we're influencing them and find that they're influencing us too!!

Its all good though. There can't be anything bad about seeing life through our children's eyes, right?

TAG said...

Ah you do have a bright child. She will keep you on your toes always. This is a good thing.

As for the sound track you are living right now, just keep reminding yourself. It could be worse. Much worse. Think Rocky Horror Picture Show. Yes, the more I think about it, you should count yourself lucky Mama Mia is her choice. The alternatives make one shudder just to consider.

Have a great week.


Anonymous said...

Diva is a smart one ;o) Thats still very cute though!!!

LOL at the Abba over dose!!!

dadshouse said...

My kids LOVE Abba. We'll go on road trips, and I'm trying to play Smashing Pumpkins and Tool (both of which my kids are okay with), but they are asking for Abba and Earth Wind and Fire. I mean - I heard those bands in high school. I don't need to sing along to all those songs again!

Well, except for that song September by EWW. Aa-dee-ah-dee-ah-ah. (Or is it Party-arty-ah-on? Who knows!)


The Exception said...

T - It isn't a bad thing at all. Sometimes I think I am learning more from her than I am teaching her... and at least she doesn't sing Sound of Music all the time anymore!

TAG - Oh, it could be much worse. And you should hear this child belt out "stay" by Sugarland... that is something to hear!

Harassed - She is something... not quite sure what... but she keeps me hopping! ;)

DH - You mean ABBA is something that spans the generations? She isn't going to "grow out of it?" *sigh* Too cute about your kids... at least they like good music.

cathouse teri said...

I'm holding off on seeing the movie (never saw the musical on stage, either) until I can see it with my daughter.