12 September, 2008

Thank You 37

A line is drawn on the calendar demarking each date; giving each its own 24 hour period with a space of notes, drawings, and comments.  That little line marks the end of one day and the beginning of another.  For me, today, it is the end of one year and the beginning of the next. 
Wow, what a year it has been!  It is tempting to sit back and say, with a satisfied expression "Where did the time go?" or even "How time flies."  But when I sit back and think about the year that has just ended, it didn't go quickly; it didn't fly by.  It was filled with hours that felt like weeks and months that felt like days.  There were moments and experiences and frustrations.  So much happened within the hours that made up that year - and I lived them all!
Before I get swept up in the moments of my new year, I want to take a minute to say thank you to the one I just finished for it was a year worth remembering (as are they all)
Thank you for warm (relatively speaking) winter days with empty parking lots begging to be the playground for two girls with vivid imaginations - racing, shows, cartwheels, climbing.  Thanks for a work schedule that allowed me to be one of those girls, the one showing my daughter how to do round offs and the one who caught so many wonderful moments with a camera.  Thank you for similar days through the different seasons. 
Thank you for new friends and acquaintances, for new connections that span the globe.  Thank you for people who are helpful and those who desire to share their lives, their thoughts, and their experiences openly without expectation.  For the wonderful single parents who have recently entered my life - I do hope to meet so many of them post haste!  
Thanks for the joy that fills my heart when I ride my bike, hear the birds as I walk, smell the glorious scents of the seasons, realize my limitations and disregard them!
Thanks for flirtations and smiles, tears and opportunities to change.  Thanks for experiences that have come in varying sizes, forms, and intensities.  
Thank you for a daughter who is thrilled to be a friend but who is more my hero and my teacher than I ever could have predicted.  Willing to explore life with me, attend concerts (her first Symphony last night!) and embrace life with a passion that we share.  She has pushed me to go beyond my comfort zone in ways that I never could have imagined.  Through her, I have taken on different responsibilities and learned that sometimes it pays to be the squeaky wheel.  She amazes me and inspires me with her bravery, her courage, and her compassion and love.  
Thank you for a year of confidence, of sensuality, and of massages.  For a year of fresh fruit, farmers markets, and frozen custard!  For travel, beaches, and exploring art in so many forms.  
Lastly, for now, thank you for continued health and happiness of my family.  For all that we have endured and experienced.  Thank you for success, prosperity, and the abundance that has filled my life throughout the past year.
And now, to the new year, to a fresh start.  Here's to a year of continued growth and adventure; to more experiences in whatever form they choose to come; to new people, new friends, and the parting of others as we move in different directions.  Here's to moments of intimacy, companionship, and masculine energy!  I can't forget an abundance of health, joy, love, challenges, and creativity.  Thank you for all that lies ahead - the passion and the abundance, the intimacy, creativity, and the lessons.   
Oh, and as I blow out the birthday candles... in my house, with a child, this officially starts the new year...  I think I will be wishing for all of the above (emphasis on that intimacy/companionship part and the masculine energy) but specifically, I would like to , in all honesty, experience Tantra sex....................again! 
Hey, it's my birthday after all!


T said...

Well HELLS YEAH!!! Go and get yourself some Tantra, girlfriend!!!!

Happy birthday to you.. Happy birthday to you... Happy BIRTHDAY dear Exception... HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!!!

(and I can sing too!)

What a wonderful way to start out the year and finish another one. With GRATITUDE!! Love this post!

Single Mom Seeking said...

Happy Birthday mama! You deserve love, kindness, hot baths, good books, health... and tantra sex.

Mike said...

Congrats. Have an exceptional birthday.

mama llama said...

May you receive all your heart desires. As soon as they come out with a tantra karma, I'll send you lots of that! ;0

Happy Birthday. Feliz cumpleaños. May your new year be filled with much sunshine, laughter and love.

Be well, TE.

TAG said...

Happy Happy Birthday Exception.

May your next year find the same joys, the same excitement, the same adventures along with plenty of new and different joys, excitements and adventures.

Big Birthday Hug.


Katherine said...

Happy Birthday! Thanks for stopping by my blog last week. I just had to check out yours. Great blog here... Hope your new year holds many more adventures... with masculine energy :)

dadshouse said...

Happy Birthday!!! Woo-hoo!!

How great that you gave thanks to the past year. I might have to take up that tradition for myself.

I noticed you linked to my tantric sex post... yum

Scotty said...

Happy Birthday :)

The Exception said...

Thank you everyone for your birthday wishes! It was a wonderful day with candles and cake and wishes!