03 March, 2009

Ever original

This week is crazy.  Monday we woke up to inches upon inches of snow; yet, by Saturday, we are expecting temperatures in the 60s!  Welcome to March in Virginia!!

Additionally, I am in the midst of trying to prepare for the Diva’s birthday party.  This is a birthday party that is only a birthday party in name as there is not to be a cake or loads of gifts.  It is more a celebration or an organized get-together for friends.  

For years I have wanted to try the “no gift” birthday party.  I have never done this as I understand the delight that comes from giving gifts and from receiving gifts.  What is a birthday party if a kid doesn’t give and receive gifts?  A friend told me that they don’t work anyway as the parents always think that the birthday child needs a gift despite the no gift policy.  

This year, with the “celebration” happening in March, I asked the Diva if we could do things a little differently.  If we could, perhaps, limit the gift giving.  As I explained to her, she receives many wonderful gifts that are quickly forgotten.  We could easily do something that would allow kids to bring a gift and yet… they would receive a gift in return.  

She wasn’t really sure until I explained my idea a little further:

Over the holidays, adults often have parties in which each brings a gift.  They (usually women) sit in a circle and listen to a story.  Each holds their own gift while listening.  The story has key words:  “right” and “left.”  Each time the group hears the word “right” they pass the gifts to the right.  Similarly, they pass to the left when they hear the word “left.”  In the end, everyone receives a gift that is not their own – plus, everyone has fun.  

The Diva loved the idea, so this is what we will do after rock climbing for her party.  I am asking each child to bring a wrapped copy of their favorite paperback book as a gift to share.  I think I might tell them that they can be creative when they wrap the gift just to allow them to use their imaginations in addition to sharing their favorite books.  Each child will then leave the party with a great rock experience and a new (hopefully) book to read that was loved by an old or new friend.  

Adults seem to love the idea.  The Diva loves the idea.  My house loves the idea (no more boxes to hold).  I am not sure how the other kids will receive the idea or their parents.  The Diva and I are a tad unorthodox so those who know us think “it’s just them” but for those who don’t… this could be a completely different experience!!

What do you think???


Twenty Four At Heart said...

Let us know how it turns out. It sounds like a great idea!

dadshouse said...

It sounds like a really great idea! It put a smile on my face, and a warm feeling in my heart, just reading about it.

Kathryn said...

what a fabulous idea! I might steal it for my next girls' night ...

T said...

What a wonderful idea!! I love that you guys are different. Different is GOOD!!