15 September, 2009

Birthday Simplicity

My daughter and I sat together in the bar at one of the fun high tables.  A candle flickered from the whipped cream that topped my bowl of strawberries.  Her eyes and smile sparkled in the candle light.  Having just enjoyed the wait staff singing to me, she eagerly anticipated my blowing out the candle and making a wish…

And I did.  

I closed my eyes, thought long and deep, and, for the first time in years, I sincerely made a wish before I blew out the candle.  

My wish came true the moment I thought it; it will continue to come true  as long as it remains strong and true in my heart.  It is a wish that I cherish and will for the entire year.  

As we walked home in the ebbing light, we talked about wishes.  The wishes that are possible; the wishes that are obtainable desires of the heart.  

We talked about birthdays and the gifts received and the day that we shared.  

“What was your favorite part of the day?” she asks as isn’t this what kids do?

I honestly couldn’t answer the question.  The entire day unfolded into an unanticipated treat.  

There were lots of hugs and cuddles, a lie in for reading, no ballet (YAY – now that was something to celebrate in itself) time spent with friends, some very nice treats and surprises, a few tears (as what is a birthday without some emotion) and then a delightful walk and dinner with my daughter.  

I do believe that it was one of the most peaceful and fun birthdays I have had.  

It is one I will remember for its simplicity and for all the love shared.  

This birthday was a wonderful beginning to this, my 40th year!   



Mike said...

Happy Birthday. Have a great day.

justrun said...

That sounds wonderful. Happy Birthday!

dadshouse said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!! I've enjoyed my 40s more than my 30s. Honestly.