11 September, 2009

Like the Color Purple

Do you ever stop to consider how much of what we see every day we don’t actually see?

This is the thought that popped into my head this morning as I passed the same homes and trees and dogs and cars on my way to work.  I am so accustomed to this route and these familiar sites that I wonder if I truly am seeing them each time I pass?

Sometimes life is like that.  Everything is so “the same” every day that we no longer stop and look or even see what is there. 

It doesn’t have to be a physical object, it can be a beautiful day, a bird’s song, the conversation of a friend, the friendly smile of a stranger. 

It can be the color purple…

This past summer I attended a performance of The Color Purple and was blown away by the power of the music and the story line.  The performances were simply amazing.  I can not recommend the show enough. 

But what I enjoyed most – the message/theme.  The idea that we need to stop and see everything for what it is.  We need to see the beauty and the wonder of it all.  Like… the color purple or a blade of corn or a honey bee…

The music ran through my head as I splashed through puddles this morning.  The rain washing away the pollution and cleaning the air left me contemplating today and the close of the emotionally filled year. 

How much of the last year have I lived in my head over recognizing the beauty and the wonders of every day life?

How much have I missed?

Although I have missed far more than I would have liked, I will work not to miss them in the future. 

And there are things that I have not missed; things that are wondrous and full of beauty and magic that I want to highlight as this year of my life draws to a close:

The importance of family – My family is something that has drawn closer and stronger during the past twelve months.  We have laughed, cried, discovered, talked, and supported one another throughout.  We have even drawn together to embrace the Diva’s extended family on her dad’s side – they are now family as well.  I am thankful for all my family – mine and the Diva’s extended family.

Women – I could also say men here but I have always found the joy and the fabulousness of men to be a part of my life.  This past year, I have discovered the wonders of female friends and the support that such women can and do offer.  While I continue to love and appreciate the guys in my life – I am not sure where I would be right now without the women who have taken my calls, shared my tears, and opened their hearts throughout the past year.  

Travel and Exploration  - And this is something that I have loved  in a physical, intellectual, emotional, and mental state this year.  I don’t have words to describe the various journeys I have taken, but I can say that I have appreciate each for what it gave and all that I learned and experienced.  

Salads – Odd thing to add to this list right… and yet I lived off salads most of the summer.  One of our favorite family things to do this summer was… making and eating salads together.  Memories that I will cherish for the bond and the quality time together – for the chat and the silences.  

The beauty of Art – From the written forms to theater to quickly drawn pictures to music and orchestras… it has been a year of art and joy through its various textures and variations.

Nature – This year I have absorbed nature.  I have reveled in the silence of the forest, gazed lovingly at crystal blue western skies, appreciated the bright softness of the snow, allowed the percussion of the waves to fill my head, and the crunching of leaves to lift my spirits.  I have seen deer, elk, antelope, fox, crab, fish…and loads of birds, cats, and dogs.  Spending time in nature  is one thing I continually cherish.  

My Daughter – My thoughts lie too deep for words this morning as I consider the year that I have enjoyed with her.  She has challenged my parenting, lifted my heart, demonstrated the beauty of inner strength and compassion, and yet asks me to remember the child that lives within.  Together we have traveled and explored and created… together we have shared moments of conversation and silence.  She is my greatest teacher at times – and my most amazing student.  Sometimes I have a hard time remembering that she is not yet ten… and yet, she has ways of reminding me that  despite her confidence and maturity, she is still a kid.  

Lastly, I have to recognize the beauty that exists within me.  Sure, I have assets that are evident on the outside… but sometimes the assets on the inside are those that we tend to over look, especially in times of drastic change and emotional upheaval.  So here is to honesty, trust, unconditional love, integrity, and being able to look at myself in the mirror and truly like what I see.  Here is to personal growth and well being, and surrendering to the realization that everything is where it is supposed to be and… being okay with that.  

In the next year, I want to live more fully in the moment and continue down life’s journey with an open heart and mind.  I don’t want to miss the color purple; I want to recognize the light and beauty and wonder of the world in which I live… and my part in it!  



dadshouse said...

Wondeful stuff. I try to slow and and take in wonders every day. Now, if I could just turn that into every moment...

Mark said...

Yes you are indeed beautiful and your beauty is multiplied by the awareness and gratitude of all of the beauty that you have listed here today!