09 October, 2009


Unlike many, Friday is not my favorite day of the week.  In fact, I can say that I have no favorite or least favorite day as each brings something special in its own way and on its own time.  

This Friday it is fall.  

There isn’t a chill in the air and the trees are bare or awash in red and oranges.  

It is Fall in that it just feels like… Fall!

There are the leaves that danced across the sidewalks and into the streets this morning.  They teased my feet as I walked before they disappeared in the breeze or were crushed with my steps.  

There was the hesitation this morning before I ordered my coffee – do I order the hot or the cold version?  The barista took it out of my hands, preparing the cold version… after all, despite my feeling as if it is Fall, the temperatures are a bit balmy.

There are the e-mail that indicate the closing of the reporting cycle.  Yes this happens every month but today, for whatever reason, it feels like the ending of a cycle; the changing of the season.

Perhaps that is true about the feeling inside me as well.  While I invested a great amount of energy in love and experiences and learning and growing throughout the summer, I now find things settling down.  I find myself balancing and moving more toward a calm and restful state.  I am moving from the green  and vibrant summer to the golden and comforting Fall.  My focus might be moving from being out and about to truly being inside, nurturing and caring for my home and my daughter and myself.  

It is Friday…

It is a Friday in Fall…

And I just gotta love it!  


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dadshouse said...

Sounds wonderful!