08 October, 2009

Wearing a Mask

From the outside we look normal.  From the outside, everything appears to be fine.  We are happy people living happy lives and loving every minute of it.  

But what is happening beneath the mask that we wear every day?  

Are we striving to keep everything in balance?

Are we fighting for complete and total control over every aspect of our lives?

Are we denying our feelings just so that we can make it to the next month, week, or day?

The nice woman in the coffee shop – what is actually going on in her heart?

The attractive man at the next table – what are his secrets?  

The harried mom with the six kids in the grocery store… well, we can all tell that she is jus working hard to keep a handle on her life at that moment!

Can we honestly tell when what we see on the outside reflects the person within?

Can a mask become something so comfortable and familiar that it becomes who we are while we ignore or deny that which bubbles and stirs inside our hearts and minds?


1 comment:

dadshouse said...

Just remember, anything you see in someone else's mask is your own projection. The world is an illusion.