12 October, 2009

PS - I Just Can't Think of a Title

Over the weekend I read the book “Ps, I Love You.”  I truly wasn’t sure what to expect, and I had not seen the movie so… it was quite a gamble.  The last thing I wanted to read was a romance – which is why “The Senator’s Wife” sits on the floor next to my side of the bed.  I just can’t find it within me yet to pick it up and turn the pages though I have heard nice things about the work in general.  

So… back to “PS, I Love You.”

First, I am a sucker for books set in cities in which I have lived.  This book was set in Dublin… a city I hold near and dear to my heart.  For that reason alone, I was willing to give it a try.  

And I read it and found myself laughing out loud at times.  

Was the book that great?  Probably not, but it was the right book with the right, cute sense of humor that I needed at the time.  I giggled and chuckled at some of the antics and lines.  I even found myself groaning with the lead character, Holly, when her friend Daniel returned to his interesting girlfriend.  (Why do men fall for women who treat them like that?)

I love it when the right book comes along – the one that I just need to read at that point in time.  It is the book that lifts my spirits or flows with my thinking or brings me a perspective I hadn’t considered.  “PS, I Love You” had me remembering that life is short.  

Life is truly short and time isn’t to be spent bemoaning the situation or living in fear of what lies beyond… we have to get out there and live it!  And yes, it is scary or yes it can be quiet or lonely or whatever.  Yes it is challenging at times while at others it is filled with so much hope and love and joy…

It is easy to stay in the rut.  It is easy to live the same day every day, eat with the same person, sleep in the same bed, have the same conversations.  Even when we have the chance to change, it is easier to stay where we are over facing our fears and trying something different.  

Through his messages, Holly’s husband Jerry gives her the way to move forward.  Most of us aren’t so lucky as to have someone tell us exactly what to do to get through things… well, unless we have a counselor that sets up a schedule/timeframe for us as to how we should move ahead and what we should do…

Most of us don’t.  Most of us are on our own to find answers from within, lean on support offered from without, and we move or we stay.  We make choices as to where the next step on the path will fall or if it will fall.  It is all up to each of us.  It is about taking risks or not taking risks – listening to our hearts or abiding by our fears.  It is up to us to choose and make our mistakes and then be accountable for those mistakes.

Sometimes moving forward is about trying something new and taking a different direction.  Saying “yes” when we would have said “no” in the past.  It is about changing our way of living simply by opening our hearts and minds to trying something new.  

Right book at the right time… this is what I thought as my daughter and I did something very different this past weekend.  We had a great time, I flirted with a few new men all in fun, and the path shifted just a little.  

Right book at the right time – right people at the right time – Perhaps… but who really knows!

(The book was cute and worth reading for a light read)

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Mark said...

Everything comes in time when it is time. Yes, we must always be looking for ways to shift, to move beyond that which we perceive as comfort. It is very easy to slip into a rut, to live a life of quiet desperation and to not reach beyond what becomes our norm. Thanks for this post, it is an important one.