16 December, 2009


There is nothing I enjoy more, well, there is that… and that… oh, and that… okay, there are a few things that I enjoy more or equally as much if just not in a different way than… finding gifts for others.  

It is that wonderful feeling when I see something and think – oh, John would love that!

Just as there is nothing more frustrating to me about gift giving than needing to find a gift for someone and not knowing the person well enough to have that “this is it” moment.  

After banging my head against a wall for the last few weeks as to something to give my daughter, I finally finally found something I think is cute and that she will enjoy.  

And, in typical me fashion, I then proceeded to have a wonderful time filling my online shopping cart with variations and styles of this particular item.  

I love it!

The fun is not in the spending of the money but in the knowledge that she will love it and that it is so fitting and wonderful.  

I am holding on to this feeling and moving forward with the day as, I have more gifts to find and time is of the essence.  

Wish me luck as back to Google I go!

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Mama Llama said...

I am a great fan of point-and-click shopping as well, TE. And each year, my children also get more and more adept at the process...with MY $$, of course!

The lack of crowds, bad attitudes and lines have greatly improved my overall Holiday experience--so when I do go out, I don't have to DEAL with so much of the crap and can actually enjoy myself people-watching with a mocha in hand.

Be well, TE.