15 December, 2009

An Unusual Tuesday

It is one of those days.  The days that find me not really wanting to get out of bed but knowing that despite the feeling in my stomach, there is a lunch to be made, breakfast to be served, and a child to get out the door to school.  There is a meeting at 9:00 that must be conducted.  There is life to be lived whether or not my stomach is interested in living that life today.  (My stomach would rather phone it in I think)

“Just ignore it” my daughter advises as we walk to school.  Ignoring it sometimes works… and sometimes it doesn’t.  I have visions of the blanket tucked in my office for just such days and the unscheduled time that fills the late morning.  Blanket, no meeting, and an office with a door that locks – I may find myself pulling a George Castanza.

So much for the shopping I had hoped to do today; the mid work day escape I planned.  Just me, the mall, and other local office workers making the most of the mild winter day and a few hours without meetings.  


This mild day will instead find me resting with the blanket and hot tea and exchanging the mall for high speed internet.  



Mama Llama said...

You are off today? Shoulda tried to fit coffee in but my 12:00 client just cancelled so I couldn't have foreseen that!!

Hot tea and blankets. That is a good way to spend a December day. I haven't braved the Mall much; maybe next week I can head out there and people-watch, since I'm doing no more shopping until post-holiday sales are on!!

Be well, TE.

dadshouse said...

Hope you feel better soon