21 April, 2010

An Idea

About two and a half years ago I met a woman who said her roommate worked at a non-profit in DC that engaged in different activities to support educators.  

I loved the idea immediately.  Now that is something I would not only love doing, but I might be great at it.  

Then my life kind of took a different direction.

Then it took another sharp turn and the rollercoaster car in which I sat went spinning around curves and downhill – thankfully it wasn’t one of those rides that flipped me upside down sending everything falling from my pockets!

But the idea of the organization stayed with me.  

I didn’t loose track of it; in fact, after things started calming down (and before they took another turn) I did some research and talked to some educators.  The organization – the non-profit – seems to either not exist or we just don’t know how to find it.  Givne the specific purpose of this group, I would think that a Google search would find it, but it didn’t.  And the educators to whom I spoke… they had no idea what I was talking about.  

The idea is in my mind again today.  

Is it possible, in this world of debt and changing education policy and schools closing, out of money, and talk of the downfall of American public education to create a non-profit organization that would support educators?  Would there be a source of funding?  Is there a desire to pump positive energy into this educational environment?

Not only that but, honestly, is this idea that is now taking more shape in my head… is it possible?





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